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Why a Tooth Might Need To Be Extracted

In the best possible scenario, we would get to keep our whole smile for life, but that's not often the case. Teeth can become damaged, become impacted, and they need to be removed to preserve the rest of our smile. But in any of these circumstances the important thing to remember is that our Crestwood, MO, dentist can help return to us our complete smile. Learn more about extractions and when they're necessary by reaching out to Watson Dental Associates with Dr. Jacob Sonn.

Damaged Teeth 

Both trauma and decay can damage our teeth, and very often the solution to these problems is either a bonding or a tooth filling for minor repairs, or a dental crown in the case of more extensive damage. If there is an infection that threatens the tissue inside the tooth a root canal can typically save that entire tooth, also with the help of a crown. But it's when the tooth is so damaged or infected that these treatments are no longer an option that the tooth must be extracted.

Loose Teeth 

The possible culprits for loose teeth are also trauma and decay. After an accident, even a knocked-out tooth can sometimes be reattached. But if our teeth are loose in our mouth then that could mean that the support structure of our teeth is weakened or lost and that a call to our dentist's office is the first thing we should do.

Impacted Teeth 

More common with wisdom teeth, they can become impacted if their angle of eruption threatens adjacent teeth. Many don't become aware of an impacted wisdom tooth until they experience severe pain. Regular visits to our dentist can keep us from finding this way. With enough time our doctor can intercept and extract this tooth before it becomes a danger to others. Even a wisdom tooth that is impacted yet doesn't cause immediate discomfort can be problematic as the way it erupts can make it difficult to clean and this could make it susceptible to decay.

Correcting Our Smile 

Some orthodontic treatments may require some of our teeth to be extracted to correct issues such as crowding. Everything depends on many factors but don't be surprised if an extraction is necessary before you get braces.

Tooth Extraction in Crestwood, MO

Losing teeth is an unfortunate situation, it often doesn't matter the circumstance behind the loss. Whatever it is, in most cases our Crestwood, MO, is able to restore our teeth and our smile through a variety of different treatments. Schedule an appointment today if you require an extraction, or even if you wish to do everything to prevent one. Dial (314) 842-7500 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sonn of Watson Dental Associates.

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