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What Is Considered a Dental Emergency?

In the midst of an emergency it can be difficult to decide whether it's a medical emergency best suited for our general practitioner, or the emergency room, or one for our dentist to handle, or even something that only feels like an emergency at the time. We will discuss some examples below of what is considered a dental emergency, but if the situation is severe enough going to your ER may be the best choice, they can always refer you to your dentist. Learn more by reaching out to Dr. Jacob Sonn of Watson Dental Associates in Crestwood, MO.


Whether it's a toothache or pain in our gums or cheeks, or anywhere in the mouth, our dentist may be able to help. Toothache is among the most common reasons for many of us to finally return to our dentist's office. It's not a good idea to wait this long, as pain is a signal that something has already gone wrong, so it's imperative to seek help from our dentist at the first sign of toothache.

Damaged Tooth

Chipped or cracked teeth, or those damaged in some other way, should be examined by our dentist, even if no pain is currently present. When treated promptly, and if the damage is not major, our tooth can often be repaired with bonding. A fairly simple treatment that can provide results in the same visit.

Damaged Crown

Similar to having an injured tooth, having a damaged crown, veneer, filling, or any other type of restoration, the longer we go without the protection they provide the longer we expose our teeth to infection. Just the same as with damaged natural teeth, the faster we can get a restoration repaired by our dentist the simpler and the less invasive the procedure usually is.

Knocked-Out Tooth

Having a tooth knocked out can be a traumatic experience, but if we act quickly, and with care, there is a chance that our tooth can be reattached. We must bring the tooth into the office, making sure not to handle it by the roots or to do any damage to the nerves there. To transport the tooth we can put it into a container with either milk or saliva, or if that's not possible then we can carry it by holding it between our gums and cheek, all of this so to prevent our tooth from drying.

Dental Emergency in Crestwood, MO

For a dental emergency, or for help preventing one, you can turn to Dr. Sonn of Watson Dental Associates in Crestwood, MO, by dialing (314) 842-7500.

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